We’re a world-class, non-profit medical rescue organisation which services the medical emergency needs of the Johannesburg Jewish community, and assists existing local medical emergency services.

We’ve earned an outstanding reputation for

  • Excellent medical treatment
  • Personalised care of patients
  • Providing free service to all

More than just an emergency response

Community Awareness

Chat to our Hatzolah Connect counsellors on our secure and anonymous chat line.
Life2Life is an organisation that was founded to educate and raise awarenessof blood and organ donation, primarily within the South African Jewish community.
Be a hero, give blood
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What people have to say

I am so grateful for you guys.

I really thought something was going to happen to me after I came home from Shabbos dinner, I had never had a reaction like that before. All I saw was swelling, everywhere.

May this year be filled with brocha and Hatzlocha to you and all the members of the Hatzolah team...

I really appreciate everything that you have done 🌺🌺🌺


My wife was lying motionless on the floor, and I was desperate for help.
It was the first night of Rosh Hashonah. I called Hatzolah and your men came immediately. They were wonderful. They checked my wife and took her to the Bedford Hospital. My donation is deep appreciation of Hatzolah, and the service that Hatzolah provides makes me proud to be a Jew.

May you go from strength to strength.


If there is anybody that needs to receive A BIG THANK YOU IT’S THE HATZOLLAH MEDICAL TEAM.
If anybody appreciates your organisation it is myself and my husband. My husband unfortunately contracted covert on the 18th September2022 and upon such diagnosis I immediately phoned Hatzolah and they went out of their way to advise us and assist my husband in every respect. Not to mention your wonderful sisters who visited my hubbie every day to check on him.
How can we not be grateful????? I know that inevitably there are always people complaining and finding fault with everything, but fortunately my hubbie and I don&rsquo read more

;t fall into that class and appreciate all the blessings that Hashem bestows upon us.

Once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts, may your wonderful organisation grow from strength to strength, and on behalf of all the patients you have attended to and assisted please accept our heartful thank you.

With all our best wishes read less


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